fume scrubber * dust collector * air pollution control * water & wastewater treatment

RaeTech Systems specializes in environmental control system projects such as fume scrubber, dust collector, other air pollution control devices and filtration systems including design and installation. We also do water & wastewater treatment design and installation, special power generation works and special duct works.

We pride ourselves with a wide project portfolio covering almost all manufacturing facilities/industries in the Philippines.


Problem Anticipation and Recognition

Every project we successfully delivered started with a qualitative plant walk-thru and discussions with the customer to thresh out and identify potential problems that may arise which can potentially affect the project implementation.

Using our multi-industry project experiences also allow us to formulate the best possible and cost effective solution beginning with this anticipation and recognition process.


A careful analysis of all the available information from the walk-thru, discussions, research and possible third party testing will allow us to thoroughly put together a sure win-win solution.

This allows us to succeed where other contractors fail.



Our clients satisfaction is paramount. That is why we ensure that our projects not only perform as expected but in most instances allow the customer to save on utilities cost and also increase their productivity thru this properly installed and maintained system

Personnel Training/Orientation, Seminars and Preventive Maintenance

After the project turnover, we can provide our customer with the necessary tools to ensure years of trouble free operation of our installed system thru aftersales service support including but not limited to:

  • Facilities Personnel Training, Orientation and Seminars

  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Spare Parts

  • Troubleshooting Services

Projects (New or Rectification/Correction)

Every project, whether its a new installation or rectification/correction work, undergoes the following steps to meet customer needs :

Aftersales Service


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