fume scrubber * dust collector * air pollution control * water & wastewater treatment

RaeTech Systems Services and History

RaeTech Systems is the rebirth of Castle Industrial Systems, Inc. after the Covid 19 pandemic ravaged the world.

Specializing in environmental control systems for air pollution, water and wastewater treatment, RaeTech Systems continues the hallmark professional and trustworthy environmental products and services of Castle Industrial Systems, Inc. serving various multinational and local companies in the semiconductor, food, mining, optical, aerospace, metals recovery, printing, automotive and other industries where stringent government environmental standards are met with an added bonus of increased productivity.

We thrive in providing practical solutions to customer problems where others fail.

Today we continue to build on that Castle Industrial Systems legacy and strive for excellence at everything we do.

RaeTech Systems people and culture

Our experienced people are what make us unique and capable. With long years of experience in electromechanical installation including FRP and SS ducts, special controllers and the like, we ensure that each project is delivered on time and cost effectively.

We provide our people with an environment that supports professional growth and maturity. 

At RaeTech Systems, we strongly believe that our team is put together to work as a unit with the aim of meeting customer expectations by delivering in a timely and professional manner.